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Determine the cost to move a pool table

Very few people consider this notion before they actually buy the table. Sadly enough they always turn out finding that the cost is much more than they expected. Our team of professionals will need to know a few particulars to determine the cost to move a pool table. Moving a pool table correctly is a complex task. Keeping this in mind, it is always recommended that trained pool table movers take care of this service.

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To figure out the cost to move your billiard table, We need to know the following. Specific particulars to identify your table. Also, details such as any stairs to go up or down or sharp turns. This information helps us provide an accurate quote. It also helps our technicians be prepared for the job situation accordingly.

The reason being that billiard tables are factory built in a piece by piece fashion. This exact same process needs to be followed every time it is assembled. The same thing applies to when the table is disassembled. Never try to move your billiard table in one piece. If a professional pool table mover will not attempt to do this. Why would you want to try to do it?

Why is moving your pool table in one piece a very bad idea?

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Moving the pool table in one piece is a ridiculous idea only attempted by fools. There are hundreds of pool table brands out there. Each manufacturer has different billiard table lines, each with its different models.

There are still plenty of pool tables out there manufactured by companies that are no longer in business. So there is the possibility that your pool table might be discontinued.

Even if you manage to have your pool table moved in one piece. Keep in mind that in order to accomplish precise pool table installations and bring the table to an optimal playing condition. We have to build the table from the ground up piece by piece and accurately level the 3 piece slate.

Now, considering that you did move the table in one piece. Damaging the inner pieces of your table is highly likely. The reason for this is that the weight of the pool table itself applies a tremendous amount of pressure to the bolts, screws, and slates.

The damage to the components mentioned above guarantees a very difficult disassembly and replacing the damaged elements. This situation will in turn, make the price of moving your pool table by specialists low when compared to the cost to move your billiard table in one piece.

Often you find that the service for a pool table is going to be comparable to the price, usually, people are anxious to get rid of their pool tables, either because they no longer use them, they have to move out and do not want to spend on the service.

 There’s a lot of really bad information on the internet!

Videos on YouTube and things of that nature trying to show you how to move the pool table yourself so you can save the money.  It’s just a plain bad idea. That pool table was not meant to be moved in one piece,  it was built in the factory piece by piece and it was shipped piece by piece and it needs to be installed piece by piece.

Are you stuck with the decision to move the pool table right now?

If you have already bought the table and are now trying to figure out how to move it without spending the money after you found the pricing to relocate a pool table correctly? Well, we don’t have any good answers for you.

One thing you need to know is if you do try to move the pool table yourself, it’s going to cost you the same amount of money to have us come and fix any problems you cause due to inexperience so it’s best to just put the money into the professionals and save yourself the extra time, headache and embarrassment.

Factors to consider when trying to figure out the cost to move a pool table

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What you have to consider is the following. Pool tables are seldom moved. Taking this into consideration, the risks are higher when it comes to specialty moves such as this. This is why it is always best to go with specialists that can offer a guarantee.

This way all you are looking at is a one-time price for the service and not the additional costs that can result from faulty installation, damage to the table and/or property and most importantly personal injury.

We often get calls from customers that chose to go with a low-priced service and were either rescheduled, the job was canceled and the table or property was damaged by an inexperienced installer. Please consider this when shopping around.

Pool tables are not often moved if that’s out of your budget and you don’t want to spend the proper amount to have the pool table properly installed and moved you may want to reconsider the pool table in the first place.

These are the particulars that determine the cost to move a pool table

  • The sizes of the pool table, more specifically the playfield area
  • The brand or manufacturer
  • Number of slates
  • The pocket style eg, drop pockets or a ball return system
  • Factors that would make it difficult for our movers to bring the table into or out of a house (eg, stairs or sharp turns)
  • If you’re keeping the existing cloth or if you’re interested in the pool table refelting using a new cloth
  • Distance from pickup to the delivery location
  • Lastly, if there is a pool table repair that needs to be fixed up
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There are generally 7, 8, & 9-foot slate pool tables and to tell you how much it cost for a move we will want to know about how many stairs we will have to negotiate,  especially with the larger table because they are three pieces of slate playfield and they are very heavy when we have to carry them long distances and it can be dangerous going up and down stairs even with one of the pieces of slate.

We have to know this information to be prepared with the materials and equipment for the task. If it’s helpful, feel free to check out our pool table room sizes chart to verify the pool table will properly fit in the room where you want the pool table setup.

If the case is that you are still looking for a billiard table. Feel free to check out the pool tables for sale listings that are posted by local sellers. In this section, you can also post your pool table for free, if trying to sell your table that is.

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So in order to answer the question of what the cost to move a pool table is? Well, we need to know the particulars we mentioned. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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